Children always cooperate

I really love this quote:

:: Children ALWAYS Cooperate ::

Parents often feel frustrated when their children
don’t “cooperate” — when they don’t go along with the
parents’ stated intentions.

Today, no matter how your child behaves, take the
perspective that your child is *always* cooperating
with you — if not behaviorally then *vibrationally*.
Children sense their parents’ “vibes” and reflect back
a similar vibration, often exaggerated in their

For example, if your child is impatient, ask
yourself how s/he might be “cooperating” with
you vibrationally. “In what way(s) have *I* been
emanating an impatient vibe?”

If your child is resistant, ask yourself, “Am *I*
being resistant in some way?” Look beyond the
obvious and *feel* for an answer.

Fortunately, it works both ways, so that when you’re
feeling joyful, your child will “cooperate” with that,
too. But depending on your established patterns of
interaction, it may take some time for your child’s
*behavior* to reflect your positive vibration.


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