Choosing Therapies

I made a little map of the therapies I want to do with Nathan, their cost and duration. None of these are covered by insurance. I need help trying to figure out what to do and when! Of course our resources are limited so we have to choose what we do wisely.

Here are the links to the programs:

Hyperbaric: Oxygen Therapy




Stem Cell Therapy


Intensive Model Of Therapy or IMOT

Anat Baniel


Conductive Education



  1. OH MY GOSH!! The graph is too funny. Not the graph itself but that we must be on the same wave length or something. I just did the EXACT same thing for the stuff I wanted to do with Daniel and was getting ready to post about it! LOL. There are some many things out there I want to try and I feel like I’m running out of time. It is very frustrating and overwhelming. To think you finally found the therapy that will work right with your child but the funds just aren’t there or you can’t figure out where you’ll get the extra hours in a day to do it. it is hard to keep an even balance. I have even thought about not sending Daniel to preschool this year because of all the stuff I want to try, but then that would make him behind everyone else for school. It is all a tough decision and if you figure it out let me know. I’ll let you know hwo the ABR goes for us in October…or maybe we’ll see you there! Chin up! You’re an awesome mom!


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