Chubby little man

Nathan has been eating like CRAZY. I think he’s finally starting to gain some weight! I bet if we weight him this week he’ll probably be at least 25-26 pounds. He’d been stuck at 23-24 for a while, but with the way he’s been eating, I bet he’s heavier now! Here are some photos of his bellyness.

If you’re an ABR mama coming by for a visit, I know we have to work on that chest, we’re working on it!

Now for something realy cute…Google upgrading their photo album tool, Picasa, and you can now create collages! I made one just to mess around, look how cool!

From Collages

Other than that, things are going well. We are still trying to make everything fit in a day and it’s hard! But we are making sure he gets at least something of everything every day.

We finally have a handle on all his vitamins and supplements. There were so many it took a while! By the way, here’s what he’s getting now:

Zinc Nature’s Way Lozenges
Vitamin A – Now
Vitame E – Nature’s Life
Vitamin C – sodium ascorbate – Now
Folic Acid – Twinlab
VSL # 3 (probiotic)
Super Nu Thera (multivitamin)
Rutivite (circulation aid)
Fish Oil

We’re also adding flax oil and chia seeds to his meals.

As an antioxidant, he’s getting:
Total Goji 100 Genesis today

For milk, we’re giving him:
Pacific Rice Milk

To replace eggs (since he’s allergic), we’re using:
Egg Replacer Ener

And here are some GFCF foods that we found:
Tinkyada Pasa Joy Organic rice pasta
Namaste Foods Bread

So we had to figure out how/when to give him all these things. We now have a system where we add a bunch to his morning milk, more to his afternoon Prune Juice, and a few more with his evening drink. Tonight I gave him the goji juice for his night time drink and he liked it. So believe it or not it took us a while to figure out all the logistics of delivering all these vitamins but we figured it out.

We’ve so far only done 1 session of the AIAHP program, things kinda fell apart last week as neither Nathan or I felt well – I think I have an ear infection too on top of the candida detox.

And the Hyperbaric Chamber broke over the weekend, so he hasn’t been able to dive since Friday.

So things are a bit fallen apart and today was another crazy day, but I hope tommorrow we can try again as I think Nathan will be 90% recovered then.

In the meantime, have a wonderful day and I hope you enjoyed the pictures.


  1. Oh, he is such a cutie! What a smile. I am glad he has been a hungry boy. I love it when Max eats a lot, he is a skinny boy! I’m posting some photos of him from when he was a baby tomorrow, cause it’s his birthday, you can say him in all his chubby yumminess.

  2. Administrator says

    I know, we dont’ know what got into him, but he just wants to eat eat eat. I’m thinking maybe a reaction from the change in diet and yeast die-off? Usually in the mornings he wants to wait a little while before breakfast, but now, as soon as he wakes up, he starts demanding food, and won’t hush until he’s fed! Thanks for stopping by, and happy birthday to Max!

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