CME 11-12-09

This is the first time where he keeps his trunk up, without collapsing forwards, for more than 10 seconds.

This is another first. First time he is able to stand, completely unsupported, for more than 2 seconds. He did another one where he stood for 10 seconds, but I didn’t get it on camera.

Mini InchStones!


  1. the first video, of his trunk, is totally amazing. Are you kidding? He is making great progress. That is super work, and I must admit I am very jealous.
    Now you tell me – is there anyway, about 8 months ago, that you would have thought that nathan would have been able to STAND by himself???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go, GO, BIG BOY

  2. There is no way you can say he has not made progress!!!

    Keep it up Nathan!!! Maxx Marcos and Me are rooting for you!!

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