CME update 11-25-09

2.5 years ago the word Inchstones entered our life. Now, today, I speak in milinchstones – the building blocks of inchstones, which are the building blocks of milestones. Today I want to share a few milinchstones:

He didn’t stand on his own, but once he stood, he stayed up for a few seconds! Ramon was really pleased with the fact that he didn’t just collapse, that he slowly crouched down, which takes even more control than standing up. Every time I see him standing like that it makes me so happy!!!

This one is super important. It’s the first time that Ramon has applied force downards, and Nathan has fought against the downard pull and stayed standing. Ramon has tried this a bunch of times but as soon as Nathan feels the downward pull, he goes down. This means he is learning that he needs to resist, and fight, gravity to stay upright! The anti-gravitational response that Ramon always seeks is kicking in!

He stood up instantly, which is a great response rate! It usually takes him at least 20 seconds to stand, sometimes as much as 50.

Here he is controlling his head and not letting it flop up and down too much. An improvement in head control!

Look how straight he is! There is very good alignment between the head, trunk, hips and knees. He stood this way for about 3 minutes, but I just showed a short clip.


  1. wuau!!!! que lindo se ve, en el ejercicio aereo es increible ver como se sostiene,creo que esta en el camino ideal,me encanta como Ramón le habla al cerebro de Nathan,¡¡¡vamos cerebro!!!
    En el post anterior ,que linda sorpresa su caida de la cama,ya verás como sus movimientos le permitirá explorar nuevas aventuras!!!
    un beso.

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