CME update

When we came to Chile, Nathan’s progress with CME seemed great and rapid for the first 3 weeks. Then he got sick, he got grumpy, and his progress slowed considerably. I had a feeling that something was just not right but I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Over the weekend in Buenos Aires, my cousin and I were talking about diet and she mentioned that oatmeal has gluten. VOILA! About 2.5 weeks into our time in Santiago, we were feeding Nathan massive amounts of oatmeal in the morning without realizing it has gluten! We ran out of our normal Bob’s Mill cereal from the US so we bought a Chilean bran of oatmeal and, welll…bad idea.

Yesterday we stopped giving him oatmeal and he had better sessions. This morning he had his best session of the last 3 weeks! He was happy, he worked hard, and he did great in his exercises! It’s amazing how something so minute can have such a massive impact.

I leave you with some videos of this morning’s CME session:

This is the first time in 3 weeks that he was able to do aerial standing. I am so excited to see him doing this again! It signifies progress!

And just a couple of pictures:PS. Ramon has been getting on my case lately to use the proper term for his therapy – CME. Medek was the old term, the new term is CME, so I will be calling it CME from now on.


  1. Laura Matos says

    Wow Marcela,

    He looks GREAT! I am so proud of Nathan.

  2. se ve lindisimo y muy esforzado en sus ejercicios, me encantarón sus videos sobre todo cuándo Ramon y Nathan comentan una pelicula ,que bién que se comunican,lo encontré genial!!!!!!!

  3. Que emocion ver a Nathan en sus progresos que pena que no hemos podido compartir más tu estadia en Chile,espero nos veamos pronto.

    besos y grande nathan

  4. Thanks Laura, me too!
    Cybell – si! Ese dia estaba matado de la risa con Ramon, le decia Black Mambo y Nathan se reia a carcajadas, fue divertidisimo!
    Karen – Si, ojala! Besos!

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