Cold Laser or Low Level Light Therapy

This is the new therapy that we are going to be starting with Nathan. This article does a great job of explaining it:

Cold-Laser Therapy: How and Why It Works

Here’s another page I found that summarizes LLLT.

My interest was supremely piqued after speaking to another mom of a beautiful girl with CP. She sent me these articles:

Then, coincidentially, a lady who is pioneering the integration of this treatment for children with cerebral palsy is coming to the West Coast so she is going to train us on a protocol to use with the laser.

As usual, I’m going out on a limb and trying something pretty new and experimental. But I have a feeling about this one…so we’re going for it. The best part? The treatment consists on holding the laser on key acupuncture points throughout the body. Each treatment is only 10-15 minutes and is completely painless for Nathan.

Dr. Kenny worked on me and Nathan once with the laser, a long time ago, and it was supremely powerful – so I know there’s something to this! I will report my findings as we learn more!

Here’s a video showing the laser and the first exercise series I’ll be doing with Nathan (as soon as he gets home).


  1. How much is this therapy? I have never heard if it. Where would you go for it?

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