I am so sorry! For some reason the blog never posted many comments so I never saw them or replied. Typically when a comment is posted I get an email and then I go and replied but for some strange reason I was not alerted on many comments. I love and appreciate your comments and I am sorry that they never got posted!

To the commenters who never saw their comments on the blog – I will reply back by email to everyone as some of the comments are a few weeks old and scattered throughout many blog posts.

Also, thank you so much to everyone who comments on this blog – we love hearing from you! I read the comments to Nathan and it is one of those really pleasurable parts of our day as we connect with all the wonderful people we’ve met in our journey. In the past I responded to comments by email – and I will do so with all the ones that didn’t get published – but from now on I will reply to the comments on the blog itself so if you post a comment, look for a response on the same page!

Thank you for joining us in our journey, we love you guys!


  1. Martha Shepherd says

    Marce, I am trying to get in touch with you. Please let me know how. Nathan looks like a different kid, taller, standing etc. and very fashionable with his pants(OK diapers) showing his bottom! Ready for school. Besos Martha

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