If you haven’t noticed I’m trying to figure out how many 1 word subjects I can come up with 🙂

Today’s topic is compulsion. Particularly, my compulsion to NEST! This is coming from someone who hasn’t spent a second thinking about house appearance in a long long time…all of a sudden, it’s all I can think about! Getting the nursery ready, getting the house ready, getting clothes for Belle…it’s taking over my psyche!

The progress is slow but steady.

From 2010-02-12

I’ve cleared out the room completely. The crib on the right will be her crib. The bassinet on the left will be in our bedroom and will be where she’ll sleep when she comes home. In the middle you can see the Bellemobile. Her goddess red stroller is ready and waiting for her! It was the first thing I got for her 🙂

And since my mom was making fun of me, saying that at this rate she’ll be riding naked in her stroller…we went shopping to get her some outfits!

From 2010-02-12

The other thing I have ready for her is jewelry. I know I know, jewelry for a newborn? Like I said, I am not responsible for my actions any more, they are fully motivated by hormonal impulses!

From 2010-02-12

The photo quality on these is terrible, I couldn’t zoom in enough, but you can get the idea. It’s a little bracelet with a pearl, a sheep, and her name engraved in the band.

From 2010-02-12

This will be her first pair of earrings. In Colombia it is traditional for newborn girls to get their ears pierced in the hospital. I’m not sure I can get the hospital to do it but if not I’ll find a way. But as soon as she comes out, she’ll be sporting beautiful little diamond-studded earrings!

And another pair of earrings:

From 2010-02-12

And the most important news…we have an OB! We’ve had some doctor issues. The thing is..with what I’ve been through with Nathan, I’m not the typical patient. I know what I want, and instead of showing up to a doctor’s office and doing as I’m told, I show up and tell them what I want. I’m finding most doctors don’t like this 🙂 So when I got back from Chile I started doctor shopping – I wanted to find someone that I could get along with that would respect my wishes. The first doctor didn’t cut it. The 2nd was okay but something didn’t feel right. The 3rd was the perinatologist who delivered Nathan, otherwise known as the grim reaper. I figured I should have him deliver Belle just in case anything went wrong, but he found out I’d been doctor shopping and canned me.

So today I went to a 4th OBGYN and I really liked him. He’s a bit of a firecracker, figured out real quick where I am coming from, and was cool about doing things my way. He has privileges at Northridge Hospital, which is the closest hospital with a NICU, which is fantastic. We talked about doing the amniocentesis, but in the end decided against it. My only reason for doing it would’ve been to determine who we needed present in the delivery room. But he told me that if Belle had any major heart defects we would already know, therefore the results of the amnio wouldn’t tell us anything different. And since the hospital where he’ll deliver already has a NICU, it won’t impact anything else. If Belle has down syndrome, she doesn’t have any of the organ or heart defects that come with it, so her delivery will be a normal delivery.

So Belle’s got herself a doctor! Right in the nick of time … I was minutes away from saying to hell with it and having her at home by myself! Hehehe.

Princess Belle is doing great. She is active, measuring exactly where she should be, her heart looks good, her brain looks good… so other than the echogenic foci, she’s in great shape. Her femur is still measuring 2 weeks ahead so we know she’s gonna be tall like her daddy!

And talking about compulsion, I feel compelled to go online and look at more baby supplies! Have a great Friday night!


  1. My pediatrician pierced my ears–I was five at the time, but that is who did it.

    I never really got the nesting thing and then Charlie was early. . . he came home to a pile of junk in his room:)

  2. COMPULSIÓN!!!!!
    Es una palabra que habitualmente se hace realidad en mí,y con este post y seguro que con la llegada de Belle a casa y a tu vida se hará mas frecuente en tí, me han encantado las nuevas compras las cunas están muy lindas,su coche topisimo,y sus joyas… que decir…MARAVILLOSAS,he quedado fascinada con este post y las fotografias,su ropita hasta un jeans…te pasaste buenisimas las compras.
    Es un grán alivio haber encontrado al médico indicado justo en el momento preciso,me alegro por eso.
    Respecto al post de las perpectivas,es increíble ver las imágenes de un cerebro,es tán complejo el tema,solo decir que aún mas impactante y maravilloso es conocer a Nathan y ver lo increiblemente inteligente,lo atento y amoroso que és,Nathan es un niño realmente adorable!!! y es un milagro de vida reflejado en un inmenso amor que él tiene para entregar,es un niño hermoso!!!
    Un grán abrazo.

  3. So happy you found a dr that agrees with you! Have read every post of yours, but have been battling rsv here. We are finally on mend:)
    Happy Shopping! Oh & I lovew the stroller for Belle! It looks so modern!

  4. Hi Marcela,
    I did the same nesting thing with both my boy’s. I love Belle’s new clothes and jewlery. How cute! Little girl stuff is so cute. I am always buying for my friends girls. I love the stroller!!
    I do not know if you got my post about Christopher. He has a terrible new diagnosis after 6 years thinking he had cp.
    I just started a blog. Not as nice as yours but I am learning.
    Take care,

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