Confession Friday

Amber over at usually has a day of the week for confessions. I’ve always enjoyed reading about her confessions. So I thought, hmmm, why not?

So here’s my first confession Friday:

1. The only thing I know how to cook from scratch is fried or scrambled eggs. One time I tried to cook chicken. It was my 4th or 5th date with Owen, and I invited him for a home cooked meal. Shortly after we finished dinner, I noticed Owen go green and we had to pull over for him to puke. You got it – I gave him food poisoning. After that, Owen never asked me or expected me to cook 🙂 If left alone, without the ability to buy pre-made food, I would starve.

2. I am shy as a clam when in groups. One-on-one with people, I can hold my own. Put me in a group of 2 or more, and watch me clam up and get quiet. I don’t like being shy.

3. Owen and I aren’t married. He proposed when I was 4 months pregnant with Nathan. By the time he finally proposed I was so mad that he waited so long that I wasn’t interested in planning a wedding. Then Nathan was born and there went that. When I think of a wedding I think, hmmm….wedding dress, or intensive physical therapy? Wedding cake, or nutritional supplements. Well, you already know what wins every time 🙂 Now I am silently thinking of doing a triple event – wedding and double baptism (Isabelle and Nathan), after she is a few months old. If I do, you better believe it’ll be as low budget as it comes – still have that battle against The Head to fight and win!

4. I am as messy as a 4 year old child. If you ever get into my car you’ll know I’m speaking the truth. If you walk behind me it’s like following a hurricane. My aunt thinks I will never mature until the day I become more neat and organized. I think I will die young.

5. My first job was as a receptionist at a plumbing business. For my 2nd job, I did customer service for a pharmacy that sold viagra online. Imagine the calls I’d get when someone’s Viagra didn’t get there in time for their big date? Hehehe.

What are some of YOUR confessions? Come one, spit it out. We all spy on each other. We might as well get to know “the other side”.


  1. Ok I’m in..
    1) I hate hate hate to admit but I am a home body. If i have a choice of going out or staying and taking a nap, nap would win every time:)
    2) I hate cleaning. One of things I am going to miss while my hubby is out of work is my cleaning lady. (god I hope he finds something soon!)

    Ok that’s it for now. Maxx is calling.

  2. 1) I’ve dyed my hair since my early teenage years. More gray than color by the time I turned thirty. And they’re getting more and more resistant to the color….YIKES.

    2) Total home body too. I can stay here for days on end and not think anything of it!

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