Confessions of a Drama Queen

Thank you for everyone who commented about our malpractice story. I am so grateful for the outpouring of support.

I wrote the post because I had to share the experience – I think it affects every parent of a child with special needs. Heck it affects every parent. Because at some point every child will get sick and will be at the mercy of doctors and every parent needs to know that you are in charge.

But generally, I have emotionally dealt with and processed everything that happened. I know I make things sound more dramatic when I write. I’m half Italian half Colombian – drama runs through my veins. But I have been blessed with wonderful friends and a wonderful partner who has helped me feel everything that had to be felt, and to move on. I have healed and continue to heal on a daily basis.

Most importantly, I have a beacon of light attached at my hip who will simply not allow me to be stuck in negativity. Mr. Nathan demands joy from me. He draws it out of me.

What happened to him was terrible. But I take my cue from him. He’s moved on. He’s happy. He just wants to love, be loved, and to laugh and be happy.

I just felt it was my responsibility to share, and to bring awareness to this issue.

Also, thanks to several reccommendations, I’ve decided to take further action. At the very least I’m going to write a letter to the medical board regarding this situation. I am also going to send our story to the paper. I think others deserve to know what they face when their kids are hospitalized and when their kids face illnesses. I would really lose sleep if I didn’t do anything about this and then because of my silence, other kids suffered the same or similar fate. I already got an email from a mother whose child sees the same djoctor as Nathan and she is going to be switching doctors. So at least I know by sharing we have protected one person.

Stephanie – I am sorry you had to go through the same thing. How old is your daughter? I hope you have made your peace and found better doctors.

Laura – thanks for the reccommendation, I will take you up on on that!

Susan – thank you for the virtual hug. I really needed it. I felt vulnerable after writing the post and it was nice to be hugged 🙂 I know that Beth is doing so well and I am so happy for both of you! Our situations are different but the same – we all want our kids to be as happy as they can be. And we worry about them just the same 🙂 I am really not torturing myself about what happened – I know I did the best I could at the time. I do wish I’d known more when my journey started. Which is why I share so much in this blog – so others who are just starting can receive some of the advice/guidance that I didn’t have. I do feel sad sometimes that Nathan was cheated of more development but it doesn’t last long – it just takes a cuddle from him and I’m happy again.

Gala – we did go through hell. But we have come out the other side and now we appreciate every laugh, every drooly kiss, every nibble on the cheek – that much more. Thank you for your support and compassion.

Amber – I love you too! It did work out – Nathan is alive and happy. I hope we get to see each other again soon. We miss you guys! Nathan can’t wait to see Brandon again (and I’m looking forward to us hanging out too).

Thank you to everyone who read our story – your support means so very much.


  1. Just read your post from the other day and commented there. I do not think you make things more dramatic than they are, not at all. I think you are pouring your heart out here. I think it is good therapy for you, it’s one of the reasons I blog, too.

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