The only makeup I own was given to me by my then 10 year old niece (who is now 13)

I own 4 pairs of shoes – tennis shoes, Birkenstocks, fuzzy merrels for when it’s cold, and uggs for when it’s colder. That’s my entire shoe repertoire

My purse is nathans diaper bag. I own no purses.

We don’t have a blow dryer or an iron in our house.

I not only enjoy, I LOVE studying and learning – yes, I am that geeky


  1. Francisco says

    Me parece familiar todas estas confesiones…tienes 2 pares de zapatos mas que yo

  2. I don’t wear makeup very often- I borrow from my daughter it I need it.

    I have more shoes than that- but 90% of the time I wear sneakers

    Everything I need better fit in my pockets- if not I have an LLBean shoulderbag

  3. Que confesiones!!!, Yo tengo maquillaje, pero uso muy poco o casi no uso!!, tengo varios zapatos, pero siempre uso los mismos!!!, jajaja, Les dejo un gran abrazo y muchos besitos para ustedes. Vi a mi niƱito en su nuevo “asientito”, me parece espectacular!!!!, lo disfruta mucho, bien Nathan, vamos que se puede!!. Un beso, Karym

  4. sounds a LOT like me and my house!

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