Nathan can now turn on the TV and change the channel!

The dynavox has IR sensors, so I program it to function like a remote, so Nathan can turn on the TV and change the channel, turn up and down the volume, etc.  I wish I could’ve captured his face when he figured out he could do such a thing!  Can you imagine how amazing he must feel, to have some control over the world around him?

This is a new game we started with him.  I programmed several pages with 2 big flash cards.  One was an object that I know he knows, the other is an object that he is pretty neutral about.    I wanted to be able to say, Nathan show me ball and for him to pick it right away and move on.  But it quickly became obvious that it wouldn’t work that way.

Nathan wanted to just look at the pictures and click on them to make them speak.  So the wonderful Ronna figured out how to teach him how to play “the game”.  She first gave him time to look and click on both pictures.  Then she asked her to use his voice to let her know he was ready.  As soon as he made any sound, she would ask him to show her one of the pictures.  If he got it right, we both cheered and he got a sticker.  If he got it wrong we asked him to try again.  Once he got 5 stickers we played with the bubble gun, which he loves.  So he then had the incentive of collecting more stickers. He LOVED the game!

Although I know with absolute certainty that he knows what a car is, he didn’t always get the answer right.  But I also know without a doubt that when he got the answer wrong it wasn’t because he didn’t know which one was the car, but because he wanted to do something else.  He is wilfull.  So a big part of our challenge is motivating him so he “complies” with our “games”.  He is simply not the child to choose car because I ask him to choose car.   He is his mother’s son after all 😉

So the wonderful Ronna figured out how to make it fun for him and by the end of the hour he was about 50% more accurate.  Which is why I LOVE Ronna, and why using the Dynavox has its own process and methodology, and why someone skilled has to be the one working with him.

We also added a “Talk” button to the page, which he would click on and a pop up would appear over the page with 6 buttons.  Each button had a relevant comment about the page.

On a page we had a picture of him at Disneyland.  He loved that picture and clicked on it over and over and over again.  Finally we added to the talk page a comment that said “I love it there, when can we go?”  After we added that he kept hitting the disneyland button and saying I love it there, when can we go, over and over again.

Also, one of the pages had a picture of scissors.  Ronna kept asking him over and over to choose the other one (a motorcycle).  But he kept hitting scissors, then he’d go to “talk” then he’d hit, “I don’t know”.  Finally we realized he was saying “I don’t know what scissors are”.  So I went and got scissors and we started cutting with him.  He loved it and asked to play with it again!

I LOVE this talker, it’s giving Nathan control over his life and most importantly, a VOICE.


  1. Amazing!!!!! I want a dynavox for Lorenzo too! Warm regards, Priscila (from Brazil)

  2. My husband has been using the phrase Double Rainbow around here when we have some fantastic things happen – after the YouTube video of the guy seeing the double rainbow. I bet that is what Nathan felt – Double Rainbow!!! – when he figured out the TV with the Dynavox. Very cool.

  3. Tsk, tsk, a willful boy! 😉

    How wonderful! Thanks for showing us!

  4. Hello Marcela, how are you?
    My name is Renata, I’m a journalist here in Brazil for the news website and I’m writing an article about the Cuevas Medek Exercises. You followed this method with your son, right? Could you please send me your e-mail for us to talk about the subject? It’s a really interesting method and I’d really like to know how things went with Nathan. Could you help me?

  5. How wonderful! Bravo Nathan and the Great team!

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