Coolest neurologist ever

When you realize there’s not much the medical community can do for you, there’s one kind a doctor I really like – one that will help us out.

Today I took Nathan to see a neurologist. I was honest and told the doctor the only reason I was there was that I needed lots of prescriptions. We talked for a little bit, he carried Nathan, who subsequently spit up all over him, and then asked me exactly what I wanted.

I said, I need a wheelchair, a stander, a gait trainer, a vital stim machine, and a feeding chair.

He wrote them all out, handed them to me, and told me to come back in 3 months.

My first words out of the office were – SCORE! I love that kind of doctor 🙂

Now I can start the process of getting him all that stuff. I’ve found the stuff I want:

– Wheelchair:
– Stander:
– Feeding chair:
– Vital Stim:

Hopefully I can get CCS or insurance or someone to fund all this stuff. We’ll see!

As for today’s REACH program – same old same old. We only did 2 sessions and Nate complained the first one, screamed the second one. But we will forge onwards as I really believe this program is going to make a HUGE difference for him!

Here’s a video of him on the incline plane today:

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