Could it be?

Okay, before I say anything else – OK, Nathan is NOT autistic. After my last posts I had a few people slap me around, telling me – there’s no way Nathan’s autistic. Maybe he has a few issues with eye gaze and some behavioral issues – but ABA and autism are NOT the answer. I get it. So, moving on 🙂

We had quite the day yesterday. Nathan woke up still having difficulty breathing and just appearing very very sick. So back we went to his doctor who then confirmed the diagnosis of asthma and gave us even MORE meds than her associate had the previous day. But, honestly, something didn’t feel quite right to me about this whole asthma thing.

So we got all our steriods and breathing treatments and loaded the nebulizer into the car, planning on doing Nathan’s breathing treatment as we drove to our appointment with the Chinese Herbalist, when – KAPOW! The nebulizer burst into flames! (well, not quite, but you know I have a penchant for drama).

I guess the car charger and the nebulizer didn’t get along and they blew each other out. So the nebulizer doesn’t work any more. And me – I took that as a sign. Maybe some of you don’t believe in signs. But I most certainly do. I believe in signs and synchronicities. And that was one to me.

So when we got to the Chinese Herbalist and he said – asthma, bah, I can cure asthma, give him my teas, no asthma – I was thrilled. He took Nathan’s pulse and studied him a little and told us to come back for some specially prepared teas. Now, don’t freak out – of course I’ll keep the steroids and all the drugs on hand – if he’s really struggling to breathe I’ll use him. But hopefully we can CURE the underlying cause of the asthma so he won’t need the stuff at all!

Then we drove off to the see Dr. Kenny, who’s a chiropractor, nutritionist and biochemist. Her practice is similar to Dr. Dituro’s but slightly different.

She was AMAZING. What a wonderful lady.

She did some muscle testing on Nathan – it was all a whirlwind – and told me Nathan has a MAJOR B6 deficiency. She attributes the asthma and all the immune issues to this major B6 deficiency. She said that the lack of B6 was preventing Nathan from metabolizing and absorbing other nutrients and it is the main issue that is contributing to his immune, and even to his developmental, problems.

Here’s a little bit of information about the role of B6 in the body.

She also did a couple of other things – I don’t even really know what they were. She saw both me and Nathan in 45 min’s and it all happened so fast.

She was a very kind, loving, spiritual doctor and explained to me that because of the complexity of Nathan’s condition we probably will need several people following him – each adding his own area of expertise to the mix – everyone working towards the common goal of Nathan’s health and development. She will want to work in conjunction with Dr. Dituro and the other health practitioners following him.

So, I am hopeful – once again. Maybe this was the missing piece. Maybe this is what Nathan’s been needing all along. I have a good feeling about this.

PS – the pictures of him at Gymboree where the 1 day this week when he felt well.


  1. Well, I’m glad you got that cleared up. Charlie SUCKS at eye contact and is going through this phase where he likes to hold lights up to his eyes and I got all convinced that he was autistic and when I asked him speech therapist who has an autistic son (severe) she thought I was being silly. He has eye problems–not autism.

    Also, I read Nathan has been quite sick and I wanted to suggest limiting his contact with the outside world’s germs. If you take him to see people, avoid the table because that is germ central. Also, places where there are a lot of other children are major germ-fests. Charlie was getting sick a lot and I started bringing my own towel to his therapy appointments and that’s helped a lot.

    Final thought: I bet chest exercises will help with Nathan’s breathing issues. We only do manual hours and Charlie’s breathing has improved tremendously. He didn’t have a cough or anything, but it’s deeper and less labored.

  2. I am sorry Nathan has been so sick, I hope he is better as you read this. That was quite the day of medical adventures.

    Marcela, I left you an award over at my blog, come see when you have a chance. You amaze me.

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