Nathan woke up feeling still crummy and got sent home from preschool because of severe whinyness.  I was trying really hard to take him to a specific doctor but I wasn’t getting through.  Finally I conned one of the nurses into giving me his cell phone number and left him a dramatic message.

While I waited to hear back from him, we had a lovely afternoon with Yussuf and his mom.   They dropped in to visit and we really enjoyed chatting and the boys watched Elmo together.  Nathan seemed a bit better so we all walked to the mall together and had a lovely sushi dinner.  When we got to the mall something clicked in Nathan and he started acting more animated, energetic, and finally decided to eat (after 2 days!). While we were at the mall the doctor called and finally gave us an appointment for tomorrow at 1 pm.  He’s a western doctor with a specialization in natural medicine so I think he will be a great doc to see Nathan.

After we got home we had a home visit from an acupuncturist who worked on Nathan for about an hour.  I was shocked that he tolerated the needles without even crying.  Maybe it helped that he was watching Elmo during the treatment?  Afterwards he went happily to bed and I think he is starting to turn a corner.

You may be wondering what we’re counting down for?  Well – 2 things.  Today I am 20 weeks – I am halfway through my pregnancy with Belle!  She is moving a lot, growing, and my belly is huge!  I can’t believe in 20 more weeks she will be here!

The other countdown is for .. VACATION!  On Friday Nathan and I are going to Colombia to spend Christmas with my aunts and cousins, and to have a much needed, much deserved vacation.  Most importantly – Owen is going to meet us there! Nathan and I haven’t seen Owen in 2 months and we’ve missed him terribly, we can’t wait to see him again. We are planning on spending most of the time at the beach, chilling, and resting.   We are gonna camp by the beach:

Stay at an apartment in Cartagena in front of the beach:

And spend the first 3 days of the New Year at an Island off of Cartagena:

I can’t wait!  4 more days and we’ll be on the plane!


  1. Marcela,que bueno que Nathan se está recuperando poco a poco,esperemos que tengas buenas noticias con el médico para haci hacer tu tán esperado viaje suuuuuper tránquila(vacaciones que són muy merecidas),que lindo lugar!!! deseo que lo pasen genial y que esas aguas cristalinas purifiquen a Nathan de todos estos virús,y muchas felicidades para Isabelle por estos 5 meses y tu panza esta preciosa(publica fotos con tu pancita),Marce que tengan un precioso viaje junto a tu marido y tus hijos….ya no queda nada!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Un beso.

  2. Hey my friend,
    I’m happy to hear our little man is starting to feel better.

    The place in columbia looks wonderful. I hope you guys enjoy. I’m sure Nathan is going to be thrilled to see daddy. You too i’m sure.
    Hugs to you both

  3. hola marcela, somos ANA y JOHAN de Los Angeles CA y te queremos decir que los hemos seguido a trav[es de su web y que estamos contentos de que Nathan este mucho mejor, que vayan a sus vacaciones a colombia y que se encuentren en familia,. muchos saludos

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