Crises Averted

Nathan’s been on the verge of getting sick for the last few days. He started sounding raspy last Wednesday. By thursday he woke up a bit warm and sounding like he could possibly be sick. So we started Marcela therapy.

I went to Whole Foods and purchased some homeopathic remedies, which we started giving him every hour on the hour. Then we started using our sinus cleanse to wash out his nostrils. We mega dosed him on Emergen-C to increase his vitamin C levels. We rubbed a natural vap-rub on his back and chest.

By Friday afternoon he was almost fully recovered!

Unfortunately Saturday we went out and about to Santa Monica again and on Sunday he went to Disneyland with his dad and cousing (Belle, Catalina, Cybell and I are going this week) and by the time he got back last night he was almost sick again.

Last night he woke me up with a very wet cough and a ton of phlegm in his chest, so I started his “treatment” all over again. This morning he woke up well enough to go to school.

I’m happy that so far we’ve been able to keep him from getting too sick. Later on I will round up what I’ve been using so I can write a post on my “alternative cold treatment” in case it can help your kids too!

We also went to Dr. Kenny and it became clear that most of these issues are happening to Nathan again because we’ve been cheating on his diet. When Belle was born we fell off the GFCF diet bandwagon and he’s been eating pretty much anything. We also did this to try and help him gain weight. But the result has been the opposite. Breaking the diet has made him more mucusy, which makes it harder for him to eat and swallow, and also weakends his immune system.

The conclusion – the diet is not just helpful but ESSENTIAL for Nathan’s health so we are now re-committed to it and certain that we made the right choice to begin with. I’ll keep you guys posted about how he’s doing!

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