Day 4 in Singapore

After a rocky start, things are going great in Singapore. Nate was great on the plane, but didn’t sleep at all the first night. Needless to say Owen and I were a wreck. But then we got a good night’s sleep the next night and now we’re pretty much caught up and our schedules switched to the time here (15 hours ahead).

Nate is having a WONDERFUL time. He just loves being out all day, seeing people and places, eating different foods. So far he hasn’t seen much that’s different. We are staying in Downtown Singapore and spending most of the day at the convention center. Basically, it’s just a massive (and I mean massive) mall. So it feels like we haven’t left the States. It’s a very westernicized place and everyone speaks English, and they sell all the same stuff they sell at the States. So it’s been pretty easy and normal, nothing different or unique. The only thing different has been the food, it’s awesome!! We’re trying out all kinds of stuff and enjoying it, the stuff here is much healthier.

Other than that…mostly we wake up, shower, go to the convention center for teachings, walk around in the mall, eat, and go to sleep. Things should change once we go to Thailand, but for the moment, everything’s good!

I added some pictures of our trip to DC and New York here, and a few other miscellaneous pics:

Miscellaneous pictures

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