Did I say I love Medek yet?

If I did, I’ll say it again – I LOVE MEDEK!

Today was a bit different. Instead of putting Nathan through the series of exercises, Ester focused on teaching US how to do the exercises. OMG, they are hard! Ester makes it looks so easy. We found them pretty challenging but I’m sure with practice we will learn them.

It was REALLY COOL to do some of the exercises and feel as Nathan’s body “kicked in” and did things I never thought he could do. And I LOVE the feeling of being the one doing this for/with him. He complains a bit during certain exercises but mostly he really likes it! As Owen and I did the exercises, we made it as playful as we could and he was having a lot of fun. So I think this isn’t going to be the torture I thought it was – today I realized it is actually going to be fun! And it feels amazing to know that we ourselves are going to be doing this and watching/feeling as his body gets stronger every day.

I just feel so very enthusiastic and hopeful and optimistic about this. And I feel grateful that we fell into the very best of hands. Ester is a wonderful, knowledgeable, kind, dedicated, devoted therapist who is committed to rehabilitating her kids. So, things are good for us! We are looking forward to getting home and getting started doing the program ourselves every single day!

Tommorrow is our last day with Ester. She will finish training us. In the evening we drive to Buffalo, then we fly home Saturday at 6 am. If I can’t update before then, it’s because we’re travelling.

Oh and how is Nathan, you may be wondering? He is the happiest he’s been in a long time. Life is good.


  1. I am glad he is happy and that you finally found something that works for him I hope you learn lots of good stuff for him. Love you all.

  2. I’m so happy you found the therapy you were looking for.

    Now you gotta stick with it!!!!!!

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