Doing a little bit better

We took Nathan to the pediatrician today and he seems to be doing a little bit better. She thinks he might have SSV – some stupid virus 🙂 Her other thought is he might have mono, from the EEB virus. She gave him another shot of antibiotics just in case.

He was feeling a little bit better today and laughing a cooing more. The great thing is Dr. Feldman is doing her best to keep him out of the hospital, as every time he goes to the hospital he is exposed to so much stuff there.

I’ll keep posting updates. Thanks!

Ooops..we dropped him in his car seat!

And he didn’t even move. Just kidding we moved the car seat as he startles on his back so we put him on his side.

The pouty lip. Still not feeling great.

Aaannd…and the smily face. Feeling a bit better 🙂

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