Dorje Highlights

This is from Tischia regarding Nathan’s day yesterday:

Nathan went for a short walk today with Daschle. We walked halfway down the hill and stopped to look at the old wagon. On the way up Daschle rode on Nathan’s lap. Nathan thought this was hilarious and laughed and laughed. But after 5 minutes he let Daschle know that was enough;).

After our walk we had a short circle time because the boys were hungry for a snack.

At circle we did a little Eurythmy. We are working with the sounds MMMMM and AAAAHHH. The movements are done with a little verse by Alice Stamm ( a therapeutic eurythmist) about some ponies. The ponies are lassoed and put in the barn to munch sweet hay.

Nathan was rolled up tight in the rainbow silk and then unrolled. The boys pretend they are catterpillars who turn into butterflies. I know it’s a bit late for butterflies, but they really love this!

Nathan swung in the swing front and back and side to side. He was able to hold his head up half the time.

Nathan and Daschle’s sensory game is done with these lovely fun words.

We start with the toes and work our way up to the head.

Ti Tittly (toes)
Fi Fitty (feet)
Shin Shanky (shins)
Knee Nappy (knees)
Hinchy Pinchy (thighs)
Wymie Bulgy (belly)
Breast Berry (chest)
Chin choppy
Moo werry
Cheek Cherry
Nose nippy
Eye Winky
Brow winky
Oer the croon and away ( brushing over the top of his head)

Nathan loves this

We tried several times to get Nathan to roll today. He wasn’t in the mood.

For snack he had rice cakes soaked in almond milk with manuka honey and almond butter mmmmm.

When the boys were in the pool Nathan was kicking more than usual. He did his trunck exercises with mommy and held his head up by himself most of the time.
Nathan loves the waterfall in the pool. He reaches out for this and often opens his hands. If he is relaxed and wants to touch something, he is able to reach.

Nathan is getting better at spending time by himself for a few minutes at a time.

At Dr. Kenny’s he continuously reached out to touch and grab the assistants shirt. He’s a cheeky boy.

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