I find that I prefer not to blog if I don’t have something good or helpful to say. Last night a friend suggested that I should write anyways, that people don’t just want to hear the good. I hope she’s right.

Nathan’s Dynavox is down. Nothing happens after I press the power button. I had to send it in for repair to Mayer Johnson, which is a total bummer. Repairing it will take some time, and let’s not even talk about the cost. It happened right when we were teaching him to use the internet and he was really enjoying it (more on that later).

I feel down. The last 5 months have gotten to me. I am often sad. Yesterday was one of those days. I’d managed to keep Gryffing content while I got Nathan ready for school. Then I had to get Izzy ready for school, and that’s when Gryffin exploded. While I changed her he was in his crib screaming. The stress got to be too much and I burst into tears. So Izzy looks at me and hugs me and says, “Mommy, I’m sorry, I’m sorry”. Which of course made me cry even more. So she says “Don’t cry mommy don’t cry”. And then she starts crying. So there we were, Izzy and I holding each other and crying, Gryffin in his crib screaming, fortunately Nathan was already en-route to school. It broke my heart.

My halloween pictures are down too. I waited too long to take pictures, and by the time I did Izzy was in full breakdown mode. I made the mistake of using the auto mode on the camera so they didn’t come out so well. So here they are:


  1. Hugs. Cute costumes! And kiddos, of course. Hope the dynavox is fixed soon. Sometimes it feels like things just go two steps back and one forward. Glad yoga is helping.

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