Dream Team

As life settles down a big priority becomes obvious to me – Nathan’s dynavox. We were a bit on hiatus during the summer but now it’s time to pick back up again, with unparalleled enthusiasm. We spent the first 5 years of Nathan’s life trying to get him physically stronger. Now we will spend most of our time and energy trying to teach him to talk with his talker and focusing on his communication skills (without neglecting his physical development of course).

We have our dream team in place.

Dr. Sharon Rogers started with Nathan today, she will be in charge of teaching him literacy and will help pave the way for Nathan to learn how to read and write. She started today by teaching him the letters N, B, and S. He seemed to catch on pretty quickly. This week we will work on practicing these letters, as well as combining words to make phrases.

The fabulous Mrs. Ronna will continue with Nathan, working her magic with him, helping him to learn his device, advancing him more and more with his ability to use it in more sophisticated ways.

At the Northridge Speech and Language Hearing Center, Nathan will have weekly appointments where he will work with a clinician in becoming more purposeful with the device. The head of the program will also be working with me every week, guiding me in what content to program into the device, guiding me in the setup and organization of the pages, guiding me in continuously challenging Nathan so he doesn’t plateau. Every week we will meet, review what he did the past week, and then they will assign me homework for the next week to introduce to Nathan.

With this dream team helping, I am confident that Nathan will become more and more skilled at using the Dynavox. We are so excited for Nathan, this will be amazing for him, he has so much to say!


  1. So glad you have a great team in place! However, I want to ask what is going on at school? I would think that school should be doing more of this and programming his device, etc? Just wondering as we are embarking on a full out communication push at Emma’s new school (once she starts!) and it seems like they are taking the lead and will be responsible for this type of stuff.

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