Dynavox and Buzz Lightyear

It’s hard to imagine that the dynavox and buzz lightyear can fit together in one sentence. But they do.

This is how:

I’m loving this device more and more every day!


  1. Makenzie got Buzz for Christmas and she LOVES it!! The Geo Trax toys work as well with the talker and I also found RC from Toy Story 3 with the IR at Target! Love it!!!

  2. How do you get toys to be controlled by the dynavox? I would love to know how to do this!

  3. Nathan espero que ya est├ęs mucho mejor de salud,porque de animo te ves muy bien!!maravillosos tus avances:))))
    Feliz mes para Belle!! Esta muy linda!!

  4. Hi Allison, the Dynavox is like a remote.  You have to program it by syncing it to the remote and then you link the box on the device to the InfraRed action.  Once I knew that it could do this, I called Dynavox tech support, and asked them how, and they walked me thorugh it step by step.  You can program to control anything that has an infrared signal – including TV’s, radios, fans, etc.  It is definitely VERY cool.  Good luck setting it up!

  5. Tami Skarin says

    Marcella, I have been thinking of you. Wondering how the WowWee robot worked with the DynaVox. were you able to get the remote I sent you to work with it?

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