Dynavox Pages

I made a mindmap of the pages we have on Nathan’s dynavox, and how I have them categorized. I thought I would share this here to see if anyone has suggestions on how to categorize this better? Or suggestions on new pages to add?

I know it’s hard to understand this without seeing it – one of these days i will try to take a screen shot of a “tour” of all of the pages so I can share here how it works and what they look like. But for now I thought I could share what I have and see if others have ideas/suggestions.

Ps click on the image to see it better on picasa so you can make it bigger.


  1. Great idea! Is there anyway you can email me this? For some reason I can’t enlarge it. Cj has his IEP monday and I want to show them this and Nathan on the Dynavox! Thanks!

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