Eating for your blood type

I’ve been reading about theories based on eating for your blood type. It’s very interesting. For the longest time I thought all these different eating theories were BS and just a way to get people to spend more money on stuff. I believed that, how could all that stuff about organic and blood types and all that mean anything when so many thousands of people eat McDonalds all the time and all sorts of junk. I figured, I’ve never eaten organic and I’m fine!

Except I always did eat organic. Growing up in Colombia, the food is organic, it isn’t grown with pesticides, it isn’t genetically engineered, etc. So I did mostly eat organic and was as healthy as can be. Until I came to this country.

Through my journey with Nathan I’ve learned a lot about the body, health, healing. And I’ve learned that what you eat definitely has an impact in how you feel. I have seen Nathan’s health and vitality transformed by the change we made in his diet. Removing gluten and casein from his life was MONUMENTAL. Adding lots of good supplements has also been incredible. And recently we went fully organic and WOW, that has been another major, amazing change. As I implement these changes for Nathan I go through them myself and I can TELL the difference. After eating a healthy organic meal I feel really good, healthy, nurtured.

Lately I’ve been learning that different blood types require different types of food. I’m O+ and Nathan is A+. And after investigating a little bit, I totally agree with this blood type thing! O+’s need a lot of beef and lots of vegetables, and grains, dairy and gluten are no good. The best I’ve ever felt is about a year ago when I did a diet just like that – I lost about 15 pounds and felt better then ever. Slowly I reverted and gained weight and started feeling sluggish again. Now I’m trying to go back to that way of eating and already I feel much better.

Nathan is A+ and animal protein is no good for him. He thrives on grains and vegetables, which is amazing because that’s mostly how he eats anyways. Dairy and gluten are also no good for him.

So basically, Nathan and I have already accidentally tried these diets out and they’ve worked really well for us. So I thought I would share a little bit about this just to throw a seed out there. If you’ve been thinking about diet and nutrition, this is something worth looking into.

If I had to summarize the 3 most important things about diet, I would say:

1. Eat organic
2. Remove dairy
3. Remove gluten
4. Don’t eat anything processed

Sorry I know that’s 5 but it’s hard to be brief with such a big topic.

Just think of it this way. The food we put in our bodies is what our body uses as fuel – nothing else. Our body requires that for all of the vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that we need to function properly. If we’re putting crappy food in our bodies, then why do we wonder why we get sick, lack energy, and have problems? Now think of your kid, who’s nervous system is already compromised. They require good nutrition even more that we do, as their bodies are more delicate than ours.

Honestly, I think diet is at least as if not more important then therapy. I’ll leave you with that thought 🙂


  1. That is interesting about the blood type diet. Our nutritionist recomended it to us for Little Man but I stopped researching when I read that he should avoid sweet potatoes & avacados, both of he loves & have brain boosting nutrients in them. He also a A+. I should probably look into it further. Thank you for sharing your life with Nathan with the world. I have been following for awhile now & am totally inspired!

  2. Hi Carla, I know, that’s why I was so skeptical at first, because there are some foods that are generally good for everyone! However what I learned about the blood type is that it’s not about the food itself, is that your blood type determines certain factors like absorption of lecitins, food sensitivies, etc and that’s why some foods are better than others. I am a believer now as I have been messing with diet for myself and Nathan and I can can honestly see the difference.

    These are the things that are really good for type A’s.

    Type A

    • Seafood
    o Carp
    o Cod
    o Mackerel
    o Red snapper
    o Rainbow trout
    o Salmon
    o Sea trout
    o Silver perch
    o Yellow perch
    o Whitefish
    o Whiting
    • Meats
    o None
    • Eggs and Dairy
    o None
    • Oils
    o Black currant seed
    o Olive
    o Walnut
    o Flaxseed
    • Nuts and Seeds
    o Flaxseed
    o Peanut
    o Peanut butter
    o Pumpkin seed
    o Walnut
    • Beans
    o Adzuki bean
    o Black bean
    o Black eyed pea
    o Fava bean
    o Green bean
    o Lentil bean
    o Pinto bean
    o Soybean
    o Soy cheese, milk
    o Soy miso
    o Tempeh
    o Tofu
    • Grains, pastas and cereals
    o Amaranth
    o Artichoke pasta
    o Buckwheat
    o Essene bread
    o Ezekiel bread
    o Oat bread
    o Oat flour
    o Rice
    o Rice bran
    o Rice cake
    o Rice flour
    o Rice milk
    o Rye flour
    o Soba noodles
    • Vegetables
    o Alfalfa sprouts
    o Aloe
    o Artichoke
    o Beet greens
    o Broccoli
    o Carrot
    o Celery
    o Chicory
    o Collar greens
    o Escarole
    o Garlic
    o Horseradish
    o Kale
    o Kohlrabi
    o Leek
    o Lettuce
    o Mucshroom
    o Okra
    o Onion
    o Parsley
    o Parsnip
    o Pumpkin
    o Rappini
    o Spinach
    o Turnip
    o Swiss chard
    • Fruits
    o Apricot
    o Blackberry
    o Blueberry
    o Boysenberry
    o Cherry
    o Fig
    o Grapefruit
    o Lemon
    o Lime
    o Pineapple
    o Plum
    o Prune
    • Spices
    o Barley malt
    o Garlic
    o Ginger
    o Horseradish
    o Parsley
    o Soy sauce
    o Tamari
    o Turmeric
    • Herbal teas
    o Slippery elm
    o Chamomile
    o Echinacea
    o Gingermilk thistle

    I only typed up the things that are beneficial, not the neutral foods, so there may be foods that are not on the list that are neutral. Of course there are some that are downright harmful that should be avoided. Wheat is a big one for type A’s. Also, red meat.

    Thanks for posting, it’s great to meet you and little man, I’m hoping to check out his blog soon! (now I have to get to bed).

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