End of week 2 at NAPA

The little man was so tired after the end of his 2nd week at NAPA that he passed out at 8pm.

I am so proud of him for how hard he is working. He has tolerated 4 hours of therapy every day for the past 2 weeks with little complaints.

So how is he doing, you might ask? Is he improving?

Again, my answer is similar – yes he’s improving, no it’s not drastic. Some of the changes we are seeing:

* Improved head control
* He is able to bring his hand to his mouth and control it better
* He is reaching and grabbing for toys and things all the time now
* He is able to open his hands when reaching for things and to actively grab and hold on to them
* His trunk is stronger
* His legs are stronger and he is standing better
* When put on his belly, he understands the pattern for crawling, but just doesn’t have the strength yet

I think it’s a combo of the stem cells and the intensive therapy. We are really excited about how well he’s doing.

Today was my birthday and it was a really nice day. Nothing special, but it was nice to spend it with my boy and have the warm, fuzzy feeling of seeing him improving and knowing I’m doing my best for him. That was my birthday present – receiving the gift of being Nathan’s mom. It’s a gift that keeps on giving 🙂

I’ll post some pics and videos next week.


  1. Happy Birthday!!! It was great talking with you the other day. So glad we could take the time, and just talk and catch up. We miss you 3.

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