Better safe than sorry, so we’re at the local emergency room.


  1. I would have them check on his sodium levels and see maybe if he has Diabetes Insipidus. DI can cause all kinds of problems, that’s what was wrong with Ryland and it took awhile for them to figure out thats what it was. Ryland got SO sick when then finally dia. him.
    Prayers that they will figure out what is wrong, hope it’s not Influenza.

  2. Marce, we have been going through the same since yesterday. Oliver is also vomiting, I hold him almost for the whole night. I was surprised he got sick. I hope we can manage without doctors, I don’t want to get in the hospital. Generally, Oliver is healthy. It scared me this time. I prayed for the whole night. Hopefully, our boys are better soon.

  3. I’m saying some prayers.

  4. Darn it! The ER is no fun at all I hope they can get things figured out for you guys. Lots of prayers coming your way.

  5. Prayers and healing thoughts coming your way.

  6. Warm Get Well Soon ((((HUGS))))) for Natha. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully the Docs can figure out whatis causing Nathan to be so sick. So that Nathan can go home where he can rest and recover comfortably. Fingers, eyes, legs etc crossed for NO hospital stay for Nathan.

    Please keep us updated.


  7. Prayers are sent your way!

  8. Both of my boys had a stomach virus for 7 days, I was scared because they are so healthy, they are better now. Both did not eat for five days, throwing with diarrhea, they would only take small amounts of fluid and very lethargic. The worse virus I have ever seen. I hope Nathan is better, sending more prayers…

  9. Joey Jenkins says

    May God pour his healing powers and peace onto Nathan and heal him. May the doctor’s movements and thoughts be His. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ.

  10. Azriel Novogroder says

    So sorry to hear that everyone is so sick.
    I hope you guys come home soon and we can get back to work!!
    Sorry I missed you tonight and I hope the docs can help you get to the bottom of the itissssss

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