Everybody needs…

…a friend…to pull them by their leash!

So I know it’s been a week of a lot of moblogging (every video and pic has been off my cell phone!), but it’s been that kind of week. Tomorrow I promise for a more comprehensive update.

Have a great weekend!


  1. How cute are they!!! He looks great Marcela!!!

  2. everytime you give us a little bit….I want to see more!!!

    so cheering for you, nathan!!

  3. OMG that video is funny, I bet Nathan just loved looking at the dolls.lol
    I’d love to get Ryland and his walker to the mall but always have Vera with me and it’s just to much to deal with him and her.
    Love to see Nathan enjoy his walking

  4. Hey summer we plop belle in a baby bjorn and Nathan in his walker, you should try it I bet he would love it, he’s such a social butterfly! It’s great practice for them!

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