Everything happens…

…for a reason. I’ve always firmly believed that, and now I’m even more convinced than ever.

Let me tell you a couple of stories. The wonderful Cybell started reading this blog some months ago. She found our blog through Sonia’s (Mamaterapeuta’s) blog. When she found out I was in Chile, she emailed me and we hit it off from the beginning, it was like we’d known each other our whole lives. Her great friend Karym is Vicente’s mom, who has CP as well. We all met and got together and Karym and I hit it off too and we’ve all gotten to be wonderful friends. You’ve seen plenty of photos with them as we’ve shared many outings. Here is one:

From Vina del Mar

Both Cybell and Karym started taking their children to see Ramon about a month and a half ago. They saw what Ramon was doing with Nathan and were really interested.

Today I got a call from Karym giving me the most WONDERFUL news. Their son, Vicente is able to walk, but has never been able to stand up on his own. His independence was very limited because he requires assistance with a lot of things – like standing, stepping up and down ledges, etc. Well, check this out. This weekend, for the first time ever, Vicente learned to stand up ON HIS OWN!!!! He’s done it several times now!! This is incredible news, it means Vicente is now on a path to independence. Karym was just blown away, she couldn’t believe that in just 1.5 months Vicente learned something that he couldn’t learn after 3 years of traditional therapy. Vicente, we are so proud and so happy for you, way to go buddy!!!!

From Vina del Mar

This picture says it all, Vicente is about to fly fly away towards independence!!!

From Vina del Mar

And something else happened today which was pretty cool. I’ve had a vertebrae “out” on my spine for a while now. Lifting Nathan up and down and in and out of his chair has really put a strain on my back. So I went to a chiropractor down here but he didnt’ help much. I decided to try a masseuse but she called and cancelled on me twice. So I went online and looked for a chiropractor and found one who does home visits (yes, doctors and health care practitioners still do that in Chile, isn’t that amazing??!!!!!!). He came over and I found out that he is a physical therapist by trade who learned chiropractic and massage therapy. He did an AMAZING job on my back and if I hadn’t played polo right afterwards, I’d probably be all better already (oops). We started talking and I told him about Nathan and it turns out he works with many people with disabilities! So, since Nathan is only able to go to therapy with Ramon once a day, it ocurred to me to ask him if he’d be willing to learn the exercises so he can come to the house every morning and do a session with Nathan. Guess what – he agreed! So tomorrow Ramon will show me the exercises so Jorge, the physical therapist, can start working with Nathan in the AM’s. This way we can maintain the same level of intensity and we can keep Nathan going in the same trajectory. Plus, he can do adjustments and massages on Nathan too 🙂

Everything happens for a reason my friends, and with faith and belief, everything always happens for the best! Just believe!


  1. Well I am so excited about his head and everything going on in his life. I wish now Brandon can catch up to him. I miss you guys so much. Love you.

  2. Marcela,para mi también es como si nos hubieramos conocido siempre y estoy muy contenta de compartir mi amistad con Karyn contigo,realmente estamos felices por el importante avance de Vicente!!!!! quede impactada cuándo recibí la grán noticia,fué muy emocionante(felicidades a los padres),creo que es una bendición haber conocido a Ramón gracias a tí!!!
    Que buena noticia el haber conocido al kinesiólogo para Nathan, y que podrá ir a tu dpto. para ver a Nathan,les deseo que todo resulte de maravillas!!!
    Un beso.

  3. Estoy muy emocionada, me caen las lágrimas de ver a mi hijo crecer y ver lograr su independencia.
    Me siento muy orgullosa de ser la mamà de Vicente y agradezco tener a mi amiga Cybell y por ella conocer a mi otra “amiga Marcela”, siento que somos privilegiados de haberlos conocido, a mi niñito hermoso Nathan y a su gran mamá. Gracias amiga por haberle dedicado este post a Vicentito, realmente nos honras.
    Todo va a ir espectacular con Jorge, Nathan se llenarà de nuevas energías y se van a potenciar sus habilidades, capacidades y aptitudes. Nathan, te envío un gran abrazo y adelante. Besos

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