Fairy Dust

Life in the Andrew house is different these days… it has a fairy dust sprinkled all around it… our little tinkerbelle has flittered into our lives to bring much joy, much closure, much happiness, much peace.

But now she’s over a month old..no longer an infant… in just 4 weeks she’s become a baby…I look at her in wonder and all of a sudden I understand when people say, it goes by so fast….Nathan is our time-defyer, time passes, days, weeks, months, years..and he doesn’t change…he is the same Nathan today that he was almost 4 years ago….and then I look at the chubby cheeks of my little tinker and watch as day by day, hour by hour her body strengthens, her neck tonifies, her brain awakes with wonder. At first I thought, it’s not fair….but today I know it all is as it was meant to be.

We pulled out this hidden treasure that has been collecting dust in the garage and, voila…I witnessed him moving on his own for the FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE.

No arms yet..but we’re inchstoning forward!

Owen’s new toy (yes, I meant Owen, not Nathan 😉

Just because

Belle’s new swing 😉 She melts whenever she’s on the hammock..it must remind her of her wings…

Giving “eating out” a whole new meaning

Spreading fairy dust

Finally that little ball of nuisance is out of mommy’s arms…hooray, she’s mine!

After an appointment with her personal stylist aka grandma


  1. Yeah, Nathan! Way to go, Belle – spreading fairy dust is a very important job and it looks like you are dressed and ready for the job!

  2. Laura G says

    How ironic. Lastnight I was making a list for Codys caseworker of items we want/need for him and was pondering over a crawler. I had decided not to put it on there, but its absolutely there now. Nathan looks good in it. I’m not sure that Cody could keep his head up like that but one never knows with him. He independantly propelled his gait trainer at therapy this week about 50ft holding his head high the whole time . He’s never taken more than one or two independant steps and his head is usually laying on the forearm supports…He’s always taken good steps with us pushing him but to see him actually move it on his own is totally uplifting.

    Love the pics of Belle in the red outfit. I think red must be her color. Shes so yummy. Gives me the fever (for just a second:)

    Laura G

  3. LOVE the crawler! Now I have to get one- or make one, lol. Nathan is amazing & Belle is giving me baby fever!

  4. Yay Nathan!! He did so well! Keep at it!
    and Belle……….OMG how adorable is she! That red outfit is sooo cute! Did your Mom make the booties and headband?

  5. what an angel and nathan looks so happy


  7. Well, first let me say that these last few videos of Nathan have been just fantastic. Amazing. It’s like it’s all coming together, isn’t it?

    About the blogging–I think you’re correct in the moderation thing. Infants needs a lot of attention and moms of infants need a lot of rest. The day will arrive when she’ll be napping and you’ll have some time. That’s just not now. Besides, blogging isn’t your job so you don’t owe it to anyone to post with any regularity whatsoever.

    Interesting what you said about time standing still–I feel the same way about Charlie. It’s slow. When people complain their babies are growing up to fast I always think, ” you wouldn’t want the opposite!”

  8. How cool, Nathan moving, I just got a pair of sandals at Gap for Ryland that are blue and have rubber on the toe area, I think if Nathan had more grip on the toe he would really get going. Before Ryland surgery we would always get more grip on the toes because he used them to more but now after his surgery he’s feet are more flat.
    Bella is sure changing, love the Cherry outfit, Vera has some Cherry stuff from Gymboree also but she now has grown out of them. I love there monkey stuff.
    I HoPE you get stuff figured out with feeding, Vera up till about 2 1/2 months seemed to eat all the time, but new she sleeps sometimes 8 hrs without getting up. The only problem now is getting her to take a bottle, she just like the boob, which isn’t easy when you have stuff to do. We have a busy summer with summer school, PT, swimming, baseball for Ryland and baseball for the other 2 also.

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