False hope

The saga continues. Nathan just exploded – he threw up everything he’d consumed in the last few hours. Including all the bananas and pedialyte we’d given him to try to get his potassium up.

His IV blew earlier this morning so we were trying to get his potassium up through fluids and nutrition.

The doctor just came by and mentioned she’s worried that he’ll get back into trouble if we don’t restart the IV. But she wants to give him a chance off the IV first to take a step towards home. Although after the vomiting incident, that’s not looking likely. Most likely a new IV will be started in the morning.

By now the bacterial infections should’ve cleared but he is still whining a lot and appears to be experiencing lots of discomfort.

The major concern now is his heart. It is still not picking up past 65, even during waking times. The EKG showed arrythmias. The question now is – is the heart irregularity being caused by the low potassium? Or did Nathan ALSO have a virus that messed with his heart?

Once his potassium is back up, we can see if the heart picks up again. If it goes, then YEAH! We are in good shape. If it doesn’t, then we are in trouble. It means his heart may have suffered damage from this illness.

She requested a consult with a pediatric cardiologist so we can figure out what’s going on.

And after 3 days of sleeping all the time, Nathan now seems to be having a hard time sleeping. He’s been trying to falll asleep since 7pm but wakes up every 15 min’s or so whining.

I just don’t know what’s bothering him, or what to do about it.

After seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and feeling like we were on the road to recovery, we’ve fallen a few steps back and realize we still have a journey ahead.

PLEASE keep praying!


  1. I am offering to come and help Nathan with energy work. I’m a special healing consultant in the office of a world-renowned pediatrician and former professor of medicine practicing in Beverly Hills. No fee for my visit to see if I can be of service. Thank you.

  2. Are they still keeping a eye on his sodium, it sound so much like when Ryland DI problems started. What have they been at?
    If it was a infection I hope it didn’t cause any problems with heart. That’s what happen to Nicks cousin, she spent months in the hosptial.
    Still praying, poor little guy.

  3. I’m no expert, but you should see if they can get an arrhythmia special to look at the EKG–they will see things that no other doctor can. Fingers crossed that he will be OK–the heart is an amazing organ. Charlie’s completely failed a few hours after birth and is now %100! Kind of astounding when I compare it to all the ongoing issues involved with brain damage.

  4. So sorry to read about this setback. Sending good thoughts for Nathan, you and your family.

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