Family hike

Today was a pretty cool, chil day.  Owen and I went out Friday night and his mom babysat (thanks Charlotte!) but consequently Mr. Nathan stayed up WAY past his bed time.  So yesterday and today he took VERY long naps to make up for lost sleep.  He slept for about 4 hours today in the middle of the day!  He was in his hyperbaric chamber which totally freaks me out, after a couple of hours in there I have to start peeking to make sure he is still okay.

After we fed him lunch we all took off for a hike.  We went to a canyon called Placerita.  It was BEAUTIFUL!  Since it’s been raining, it was all green and beautiful with a creek running through it.

It was our first outing with Jackie and I was a bit scared about whether he would stay with us off leash – he did!  It was wonderful watching Jack, Lucas and Lola frolicking in the water and playing together.  Of course Jackie got clobbered a few times as Lucas and Lola stepped or trampled him – but he’s okay.

Nathan laughed and laughed.  He loves when we all hang out together.  He was super chatty the whole time and did a good job of holding up his head.  He is so tall now that he blocks Owen’s view when he carries him in the Baby Bjorn.  I didn’t have my camera with me but I promise to take pictures next time.  We’re hoping to go back there next week.

Afterwards we watched a movie and of course Nathan was in heaven.  It was a lovely day for everyone.

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