FDA Approves test to Inject Embryonic Stem Cells into Humans


The federal government has approved the first study by a company that will use human embryonic stem cells injected into a human.

The Geron corporation announce the approval today. The therapy used in the study is designed to treat spinal cord injuries by injecting stem cells — which are able to transform into the many different types of cells we need in our bodies — directly into the patients’ spinal cords.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted clearance of the company’s application for the clinical trial of GRNOPC1 in patients with acute spinal cord injury.

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  1. THANK YOU for posting this. Took the day off, and have been ignoring the news. After Max was born, and we thought he might be completely brain dead, we were desperate to try stem cells but then found it they weren’t yet approved for use on humans. This gives me great hope.

  2. This is great news to all of us who seek this hopeful treatment for our kids. Hopefully soon we will be able to do these treatments here rather than travel so far.

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