I think it’s that time for me to ask: what kinds of topics would you like me to write about? Lately I’ve been more chatty and haven’t done too many informational posts. I would be very grateful if you gave me some feedback about the sorts of things you enjoy reading about in this blog! Thanks so very much!


  1. i LIKE to read all of the ‘chatty’ things that you blog about.
    I also like to hear all of the tiny steps forward that nathan is making.
    I like details of his ‘inchstones’.
    And I just love that you share such a large part of yourself with US! I am honored to be your friend.

  2. Andre Villasenor says

    Hey Marcela,

    You might remember me. I’d love to meet you and your family. Apart from Nathan, you’ve got a new baby right? Well, I think your kids are nearly the same age as my two daughters (9 weeks and 4 years).

    Let me know when my wife, two daughters and me can visit.

    Un abrazo,

    P.S. I still go to KMC, but for now it’s just GP cuz I’m busy helping my wife with the kids.

  3. Thanks for the feedback Whit!!!I’ll keep that in mind as I plan future posts! You’re awesome! We love you and Suzy!!!

  4. creo que para mí ha sido de mucho interés toda esta linda y diversa historia del blog de Nathan,pero debo decir que es muy emocionante seguir sus logros y avances de medek,y saber como tú percibes esta nueva inyección de energia, pero ya sabes que estaremos muy atentos a todos tus post.un abrazo…(y la apretadita de mano para Nathan de Catita)

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