Feeling Grateful

Today I’ve spent the entire day floating in a wave of gratitude. I feel so blessed to have my little teacher Nathan in my life, who has led me to such deep and profound realizations. He brings me so much happiness! I also feel blessed to have such wonderful caring friends and family.

We had an awesome time for my birthday in Catalina Island. We hung out at the beach, went parasailing, ate lots of good food, walked around, and just relaxed. It was great fun to just “be” and enjoy. We did lots of that.

I also wanted to apologize for the last blog post. I reread it today and it felt very preachy. I didn’t meant it to sound that way. I think writing 4 blog posts in a row, finishing at 3 am, is not a great idea. Since I was going to be gone for the weekend I stayed up late and pre-wrote a bunch of posts and scheduled them. I think by the end I was brain fried. So – sorry about that. I think you can summarize that entire “series” into a very simple idea:

Relax – Enjoy the Moment – Do what you can – Don’t fear for the future – See the miracle of the child in front of you!

I think I have fully embraced this idea now and I can’t tell you how deeply changed I feel. It’s as if 10000 pounds were lifted off me and now I can finally relax and enjoy life with my little boy!

We have lots of fun activities planned. Today we did PT in the park – we had him walking in his walker to the swing. We also had him kicking the ball while in his walker. He had so much fun! Tomorrow he starts swim lessons. We also got a bunch of fun, outdoor toys that we’re planning on using to motivate him to stand, walk and work on his head and trunk control while in his walkers. I promise to take some pictures!

Thanks to all of you wonderful people in our lives, we appreciate you deeply!


  1. Happy belated birthday, Marcela!
    Sounds like you had a great time.
    Gala 🙂

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