Filled to capacity

My voice mail has been full for the last few days. Filled to capacity. I’ve heard it about 55 times this week – did you know your voice mail is full?

Yes, I know my voice mail is full. It’s as full as my brain. It’s as tired as my body. We’re both maxed out.

I have to confess – I am tired. Tired of healers and healing and therapies and doctors and appointments and phone calls and emails and text messages and facebook messages and subliminal messages. I am tired of fighting for Nathan, fighting for myself, fighting for the right things.

My body is tired and my phone is tired and my computer is tired and my brain is tired and my heart is oh so tired.

So tired that I just don’t have the energy to listen to my voice mail. And to deal with everything that’s involved with my voice mail. All the people needing this and that and calls and paperwork and reports and etc etc.

Do you ever get this way? And if so, how do you deal with it? How do you de-stress and fill yourself back up?

I’m too tried to write any more. So even though it’s 8 pm – I am going to bed!

PS. Remember that I am dramatic! And I write dramatically! I am okay – just dramatizing the fact that life with a SN child and a baby business and a relationship is pretty intense!


  1. OH YES IT IS! I can relate as well as many others with a SN kid and siblings. You are doing the right thing. GOING TO BED EARLY! Sleep makes me sane and helps me balance things out. We need sleep more than others!

  2. Hi Marce, I am going through the same process right now. As you wrote “Tired of healers and healing and therapies and doctors and appointments……….. I am tired of fighting for Nathan (Oliver), fighting for myself, fighting for the right things. ”
    I realize that I even have got no fear. I have no energy for that. Also don’t know how to get over it. I even can’t sleep. I have a huge lack of sleep.

  3. ditto!

  4. I’ve been there and eventually dug myself out but am hopeless at keeping myself out and eventually fall back in!
    What I’ve found helps me is when I get into that overtired mode is I take a break – at least 2 days where I do NOTHING related to the SN side of my child. Then, I start delegating and making lists. Delegate someone to listen to your messages and write up the notes from the messages. That way, you can scan them and return the most important ones. Many times they can wait or just are duplicates. Or, you get enough info. to delegate out the actions – need a referral for an apt? Delegate someone to call the dr. office for one. Done. Just go down the list that way. When you have help and are dug out.

    Of course, this still requires effort and for that you need your sleep and that is what I do a lot on the 2 days off – nap when the kids nap and go to bed at a decent time and have a glass of wine at dinner!

    Here’s to recharging….

  5. You are not alone. I think one needs a full-time Secretary to organize all the coming and goings of our kids busy days. The phonecalls are a draining task.
    Today was one of the first days this summer where we did not have to fly out of bed to get to an appointment. To spend the morning cuddling, playing and baking was so cathartic.
    Leave all the voicemails for a bit and spend some time just enjoying each other.

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