First time sleeping through the night!

Last night was Nathan’s first time sleeping through the night.

Definite inchstone!

I was su surprised I kept checking on him every 30 minutes to make sure he was still breathing.

We hope it will happen again 🙂


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Isn’t the feeling great??? Yay Nathan!

  2. Brandy Horne says

    i stumbled onto this site doing general research on something i saw on TV. andi am so glad i did! i have to admit i was nosey and fumbled through all your pictures..and what a lovely family you have!! and i am so glad to hear that HE is sleeping through the night.. that really is a NICE step they do. take FULL advantage of it..sleep is a privilege we lose , but well worth it i think! i am so sorry to hear about your family member in the hospital.. i will keep your family in my prayers. your lil one seems to smile in all the pictures.. seems to really love his mommy and daddy and is having a great time exploring his world. i am so glad that there are parents out there that get a “diagnosis” with their child, and do not see it as a death sentence. i will surely enjoy watching him grow , can’t wait to see what he is for halloween! oh, and that lil chair he is sitting in in his elmo costume.. where did you get it?? i am in a VERY small town in rural Ohio, and i have not seen one.. i wanna order one for my next lil one due in november..thanks for letting the world into your lives!!

  3. Congratulations, I hope it becomes a habit (and not the part about you checking on him q 30 min.!

    Kisses to the boy,


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