Free to a good home

Lucas the destroyer.

From Random

Weight: 150 lbs.
Height: 6’2

Personality: Loves to cuddle, eat trash, destroy new beautiful furniture, and take over your bed at night.

Any takers? Saddle included.


  1. What did he eat? The couch?
    Maggie eats garbage, too. But not just any garbage- she has a special fondness for my daughter’s bathroom trash………..

  2. OMG!!! what did he do NOW????

  3. you’re not serious, …(are you?)

  4. I’M NOT SERIOUS! hahaha. I got home and found our brand new couch super dirty, with trash all over it! He got into the trash and just made a MESS of the house. I was totally kidding, I love my Lucas!

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