Friday, Dec 29th

Nathan is recovering very well from his surgery. He was really groggy and out of it the day of the surgery, but he has been feeling very well the last couple of days and today he was already looking around, cooing at all the nurses, and having a good old time.

Yesterday was his 3rd day with a clean culture so it looks like the infection has cleared.

I asked around and apparently they do about 30 shunt surgeries a month at UCLA, and this is the first time in 4 years that they have a case with an infection. So he is the 1st in about 1500 patients to have an infection. How is that for bad luck.

Owen and I are considering relying on the lottery to pay the hospital bills…this baby has a way of beating the odds so we believe we can become millionaires 😉

Seriously, he is doing well and as always people are shocked by how strong and alert he is, and by well he is doing.

We are now waiting to hear when they want to have the next surgery. We are hoping it’s soon as we are all very ready to go home. After the next surgery we have to stay for an extra 2-3 days and then we should be able to go home.

Thanks again for all of your prayers and support as always.

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