Friday May 12th

Today we baby sat gorgeous Presley and went to the open house of a therapeutic equestrian center near our house:

Heads up therapy

We got all the info to enroll Nathan in the program. Also, Nathan and Presley got to see the horses and to touch a gorgeous show horse.

Nathan also sat really straight for a little while today..we didnt’t get that on camera, by the time we got the camera he’d already gotten tired.

At the end of the night Presley and Owen were pretty worn down.

Oops I woke him up with the camera.


  1. OK. Ummm. CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Owen is adorable! haha! Mike wakes up if I break out the camera too. Pretty funny! And little Presley.. she is a doll! And, of course, Nate is just the most handsome fella!

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