Ceramic to Clay

Someone recommended this book on Facebook so I had to check it out. As soon as I started reading it I realized that this wasn’t a stranger – that the author of this book is in one of my Yahoo groups and does ABR with her son! Which made it all the more poignant for me.

The book is fascinating, both heart wrenching and uplifting. I think it is a very honest rendition of the journey of a special needs family….all of the stages we go through, many of the pitfalls we fall into, the shattered dreams, the deep and profound healing.

The title is “From Ceramic to Clay” and originally I thought she meant how she “molded” Adam’s body – which is what you do with ABR. Literally you mold your child’s body through the power of your energy – you give them volume and from volume comes function. You release spastic muscles, create volume where there is collapse, restructure what’s unstructured.

But by the end of the book I realized it wasn’t Adam she was talking about, but herself. Which is what I often blog about. I do not feel that this journey is as much about Nathan and fixing his broken body, I think it is much more about fixing myself internally and healing from old wounds.

I highly recommend this book to anyone walking this path or anyone who knows anyone walking this path! I got it from Amazon.

Thank you Sharon for writing this book, thank you for sharing your journey, and thank you for sharing your transformation.


  1. Sharon Dzialo says

    I have found you on facebook and sent a friend request. What an incredibly wonderful review of my book. I was wandering around the land of bloggers and struck gold! I launched the book with little certainty about the path it would take. I am so happy that it found its way to you! You are the first to make the connection to the book title and my family’s transformation. Of course it would take another mother to see it, feel it, know it. I extend my deepest gratitude to you for not only reading the book and understanding the complexity of the journey but then sharing it with others.

  2. Marcela, I loved this book too! They are such an inspiring family we have known now for over six years, I recommend it to all!

  3. Hi Sharon, thank you for stopping by and I am so glad you liked the review, I really loved your book and wanted to share it with everyone who reads this blog, I think it is so wonderful and inspiring!  I totally relate to so much of what you write, from trying all sorts of different therapies, to having to heal from the past, to being open to alternative therapies and energy healing….I feel that your family’s journey mirrors our own and I feel so grateful that you were willing to share yours, your book has changed me and given me more clarity so I can’t thank you enough for writing it, I can just imagine the energy it must’ve taken but so much will come from it, I am sure.  THANK YOU.

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