Today I took Nathan to a pediatric allergist. I want to get to the bottom of why Nathan is getting sick so often. I’ve had a couple of people that have worked with Nathan point out that they’ve seen a decline in his well being, development, and health. Around this time last year he was starting to move in the pony gait trainer, starting to learn to use his device, improving his head and trunk control. He continued to do so well until October, where he started declining and getting sick every couple of weeks. Fast forward to today and it’s heart breaking but he can barely move his walker, lost every ounce of head control that he had, and is more floppy than even the day he was born. Something is happening to Nathan, but I can’t seem to pinpoint what it is.

So the allergist said everything in Nathan’s labwork looks perfectly fine. He believes that the reason for all of Nathan’s problems is “secretion management”. What an idiot. Sometimes I wonder how these people got medical degrees. Don’t get me wrong – he was a very nice guy, very smart. But his medicine is SO outdated. It’s so frustrating not to know who the “gems” are and to have to waste so much time in finding the right people!

My next two steps are the neurosurgeon and the neurologist. Maybe they’ll have some answers. If anybody has some thoughts of somebody that can help us out – please do let me know!

As for the recent illness – he is so much better today. I am working really closely with his homeopath and we adjusted his homeopathic remedy until he started showing marked improvements. He went from coughing every few minutes and wheezing, to not coughing at all or wheezing by tonight. I was very impressed with this new remedy that we are giving him and our ability to increase the dosage to create an immediate shift in his immune system. It’s pretty exciting!

I also took him to the chiropractor today, and also noticed a shift in his state of mind after the adjustment. The chiropractor said that adjustments affects the central nervous system and can take people from parasympathetic into sympathetic, which I totally saw in Nathan. At least all of the alternative healers we are working with are AMAZING.

If only I could find Western doctors who could help me figure out the more complicated stuff.


  1. Keep looking my friend. It was great catching up tonight. I’m still praying for our little boy. Maxx wants to play with his buddy soon.

  2. I love your site….we ahve followed for probably 3 years now. I have tiwns. one with cp. we are also expecting a boy in august. could you please let me know what homeopathic treatment you do for nathans wheezing. even with modern medicine we have not been able to stop it for months if not close to a year. im at my wits end
    thanks so much god bless you all

  3. _sigh_ praying for nathan!! you and familytoo!

    ok–weirdness- but as I lifted nathan up- hbotdon’t you have hbot in your house? kept going through my head–maybe nothing-maybe it matters–jumpstart-push-healing…..

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