Fun at ChuckECheese’s

Last night Nathan went to a birthday party at ChuckECheese’s. One of Nathan’s little friends from preschool turned 2 so she invited Nathan to her party. He had so much fun! The moment I told him we were going to CEC he started squealing and squeaking – I didn’t realize he loved that place so much! I have a feeling I now know where daddy takes him on weekdays in LA when they go out roaming the streets!

I have to admit I was super excited to see the progress in him outside of therapy. While at the party, he was standing tall, holding his trunk and his head. I was talking to a lady who has a niece with severe CP and she was telling me that her niece is just so very affected, “Not like your son”. I was surprised to hear that, as Nathan is always referred to as VERY severe. It goes to show that he really is making progress! I am posting some pictures of him at the party standing tall, holding up his trunk and head. Go Nathan Go!


  1. I think so many people don’t realize how much you can do with a child if you just put in the time. Hooray for Nathan!

  2. ¡¡¡eso si le gusta!!!estar con niños y mas encima en una fiesta….diverción total para él, si ,comparto absolutamente tu observación de su control de cabeza y su tronco ¡¡¡bién Nathan!!! ,pero me encanto la foto donde están los dos en el carrusel, y sobre todo la que esta de pie junto a Denise,un beso.

  3. Si, pare el estas actividades son lo maximo! Lo paso muy bien el chiquito.

  4. ..its amazing how we insit in comparing and trying to find a place to our little ones,no? At least, it applies to me …and I finally feel better now that I joined a share group of mother with disabled i see incredible mums, brave families, legitime love and dedication all makes me feel better in terms on Noahs condition. Its not fair to compare, but if i have to do so, I have to do it in the special needs planet, not the typical kiddos planet.
    Yes, they love to party and they see no limitations in their world..dont you think?

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