Funeral and Therapy on Horseback

This Saturday was a sad and happy day. We had my uncle’s funeral. It was difficult and painful for all of us, but at the same time we saw it as a celebration of a wonderful life and peaceful passing.

Dorje dressed up in his new suit that he got from his girlfriend Presley on his birthday:

Then we all went to my aunt’s to support her and my two cousins:

We also figured out an incentive to get Dorje to try walking…SODA. It’s not something we plan to give him again, but for this one time, we at least got to see what he can do when motivated:

Then Sunday he started his Hippotherapy program. It’s therapy on horses. He loved it! We are going to start taking him twice a week. That’s 12 hours of therapy a week but I think he can handle it.

Tommorrow (Labor Day) we’re going to Disney, so I’ll post more cute pictures soon!

Happy Labor Day everyone!

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