I’ve had a stream of people asking me about G-therapy so I figured I’d dedicate my first post back home to this topic.

G-therapy was created by a homeopathic doctor in India specifically to treat conditions of the Central Nervous System.  Here’s an excerpt from Hulet Smith’s blog, who has worked with Dr. Oswal:

G-therapy is a homeopathic supplement made from a unique combination of herbals extracts in potentiated (homeopathic) form. The extracts are administered in small tablets known as “biochemical tissue salts” and are also referred to as “biochemic cell salts.”

Dr. Oswal is the Founder and Director of the Center for Life Sciences, Health, & Medicine in Pune, India. He works collaboratively with his daughter [Dr. Pooja Upasani] and son in law [Dr. Shreerang Upasani], both have bachelor’s degrees in Homoeopathic Medicine from Pune University.  Dr. Oswal is an Integrated Medical Graduate BAM&S from the University of Pune.

How Does It Work?
According to Dr. Oswal, “G-Therapy medication was developed over 25 years through research in Ayurveda and Homeopathy and when taken stimulates neurotransmitters and acts as a nerve growth factor. The body salts bring about the necessary changes in neurotransmission while the herbal extracts act as a catalyst”. The degree of improvements, however, depends upon the brain damage and patient response. Explains Dr. Oswal, “A unique combination of herbal extracts in potentised form and biochemical tissue salts are prescribed all together or, in certain cases, as individual components.”

Who can it help?

Dr. Oswal is the first to acknowledge that no one understands the exact mechanisms behind G-Therapy. “It is seen that a wide range of pathologies and physical and cognitive disorders are helped by G-therapy,” he noted. G-Therapy has been implemented in patients with a variety of diagnoses that include all types of cerebral palsy, congenital brain anomalies, hydrocephalus, ADHD, kernicterus, metabolic disorders with neurological complications, strokes, learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, Down syndrome, Asperger’s syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, and many other forms of developmental disabilities.

Dr. Oswal explained that the degree of improvement in any given case cannot be predicted, and depends in part on the degree of initial disability. “G-therapy does not claim that it can make every spastic walk and the mentally retarded to achieve normal IQ,” he said. “It should also be noted that there is a definite number of patients who fail to respond positively to G-therapy. [However] G-therapy has shown persistent results…and it is up to the developed countries with modern amenities and electrophysiological studies available, to think, to test, and to verify the efficacy of G-therapy, so it can be made available to all the needy individuals.”

If you want to learn more, you can also visit Dr. Oswal’s site:  G-therapy.org

As for our experience with G-therapy.  We started giving it to Nathan about 2 months ago.  I noticed that within 2 days his muscle tone changed.  It seemed to normalize a little bit.  His extremities, which tend to be spastic, loosened up and he seemed less tight.   This is one thing I can definitely attribute to the Gtherapy.

Shortly after we started him on G we also started giving him some Chinese teas and a special Chinese herbal treatment, so unfortunately I cannot say what’s what.

But shortly after we started G and the Chinese treatment, we found Medek and were amazed at Nathan’s positive response to it.  Nathan’s never responded so well or quickly to any treatment.  I think this is in large part to Medek itself, but I also think that the G and possibly the Chinese treatment contributed to allowing his brain to create new neural pathways.  The changes that we saw with Medek were so fast that I would be amazed if it wasn’t a combination of these things.  You could almost see the new pathways being created.

He continues to gain strenght and improve with his Medek exercises.

Also, he has doing very well cognitively.  He now has a few words.  He seems to be trying to communicate more effectively – instead of whining when he wants something, he looks at us and trying to verbalize or use his eyes to tell us what he wants.  All of his therapists have been commenting that this is the best he’s ever been since they’ve known him – in all areas – fine motor, gross motor, speech, cognition.

Unfortunately I cannot isolate any one thing.  But my mother’s intuition tells me that G-therapy has been and will continue to be a key factor in Nathan’s growth and development.  In my heart and gut I know G-therapy is helping.

I’ve always believed that Nathan’s rehabilitation has to come both from the inside and the outside.  From the inside we are healing him with diet, supplements, G-therapy, and the Chinese teas.  From the outside, we continue with Medek and a little bit of ABR and other things like swim class, OT, ST, DT, and preschool classes.  We think that the “outside” therapies cannot work effectively unless the internal conditions are right, which is why we think the “inside” therapies are also important.

If you are interested in G-therapy for your child, the best way is to join the Gtherapy Yahoo group.  Then post that you are interested.  Unfortunately, the doctor will not mail G-therapy individually.  Parents on the group wait for one family to volunteer to go to India, then that family brings it back to whoever is interested.

The cost of G-therapy has changed a couple of times so it’s best to inquire about it directly with Dr. Oswal or ask on the Yahoo group.

Let me know if you have any more questions, I’ll be happy to do my best to answer!


  1. monica okuno says

    thank you so much for your wonderful explanation. we will start looking into gtherapy for our cp adorable son Noah, who lost his brother at birth-Nathan…
    Thanks to people like you we have more hope and more knowledge to feed our faith.
    God bless you and your family!
    Monica Okuno

  2. hi honey! do you think g-therapy is something i should look into for jaden?
    nathan looks amazing in the videos!
    you are such an inspiration.
    much love!!! L, J & Z

  3. hi dear
    my dougter KIYANA
    11 years old have kirnecteruse
    i am an IRANIAN
    i like see you in INDIA for treatment of KIYANA
    please guide me
    how can i com to INDIA
    please give me address of hospital
    thank you very much

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