Geeking out

I’m updating from nathan’s iPad. I’ve been geeking out! I realized you can downdload and watch movies on the iPad. This is great for Nathan! Once he learns how to navigate the Ipad, it means he will be able to select directly what he wants to watch!

So after paying for a movie through iTunes I wondered if I could upload my own movies. So I looked online and found software that turns dvd’s into mp4’s that can be uploaded to the iPad! So we can store lots of movies right into the ipad – and the battery life is better than any DVD player out there – 10 hours. Also, no more – “oh no I forgot the movies” – as they are all digital and stored right on the ipad.

Nathan is really loving the ipad. He has colored with his hands. He has played the piano. He laughed looking at flash cards and listening to the sounds of animals. He has read disney books (shrek and toy story). He blitzed through Wheels on the Bus. He chose and watched a movie. Each app has a different way of being activated and so far he seems to be able to figure out how to “work” each app.

This thing is great, and as I said before, a whole new world for kids with disabilities. Now I want to start writing apps for Nathan!


  1. I have been thinking about getting one for Makenzie. Everyone keeps telling me to wait for the second generation so that all the kinks are worked out. I really can’t wait! I am glad to hear that it is working for Nathan! I am SURE Makenzie will love it to!

  2. Yeah, Nathan!!!! It must be so wonderful to watch him navigate on his own a bit. He must feel like a big boy and I’m sure he was smiling the whole time!

    Just wondering if you see this as a complement to the Dynavox or something that could come close to replacing it? Really, just curious how they go together as we will get an iPad but no plans for a Dynavox right now.

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