Genetic Testing Results

We finally heard back from the NIH regarding Owen’s test results – they were NEGATIVE!

This means that Owen is NOT a carrier of the genetic mutation that Nathan has.

Which means that Nathan is a spontaneous mutant – meaning, there was no genetic cause for him to have miswritten code in his Zic2 gene, it just happened, with no discernible cause.

It means our chances of having another child with HPE are tremendously reduced.

Just wanted to share the good news.


  1. Yay! That is such GREAT news! 🙂 Although, Nate is such a wonderful little man, and we CAN’T WAIT to meet him and see you 2 next week!

  2. Oh, and I am so glad you re-added the comments!

  3. What wonderful news Marcela!! So glad to hear that you guys will not have to worry so much with the next pregnancy… The new pictures are beautiful!!

    Becky, mom to Wade

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