Getting Ready…

So I haven’t posted for like 2 whole days because…

…I’ve been on the phone day and night fighting with Fedex to release our package of supplements

…Taking Nathan to the doctor, the acupuncturist, the BodyTalker, CME, school, and the mall to go xmas shopping

…Out with friends for a little Xmas party

…Out playing tennis and water polo

…Hanging out with Yussef and Ouula, who came by again today.

…Having an existential crisis and trying to understand the meaning of all of this.

…Thinking about getting ready to go to Colombia!

The most important thing … Nathan is healthy again! We went to a new doctor who is FABULOUS and is into alternative medicine (he’s an MD with a specialty in alt med). He gave us an emergency protocol to follow when Nathan gets sick and we did it yesterday, and he was so much better this morning. I am thrilled because we finally have a good doctor to see while we are here in Chile.

Oh, and if you’re, I haven’t started packing, and yes, we leave Friday morning, but don’t worry, around this time tomorrow night (1:24 am) I’m sure I’ll be running around packing and getting everything ready.

I leave you with a couple of cute pics:

From Random
From Random

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