GFCF Success

It’s been about 2 weeks since we went gluten and casein free. What a success we’ve had, especially with Nathan! For the first time in MONTHS he is not congested. The color returned to his cheeks. The dark black circles under his eyes are gone. The light returned to his eyes. Our mischievous happy healthy imp is back. And the best part? He is eating pretty well. He’s enjoying eating lots of grains & proteins. We stocked up on rice pasta, gfcf cookie and brownie mixes, and even goat cheese. What a difference it’s made in his life!

Izzy has struggled more as we’ve taken away a LOT of the foods she enjoys eating. But what I’ve noticed is that if we don’t have them around the house and only offer her healthy meals that she CAN eat, she is okay. The problems comes when she SEES something she wants, then there’s a struggle.

What a good move this was, I’m so excited to have done it and to have seen such great changes already!

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